Exhibit W(oman)

by kawrage

There are many unbelievably graphic images of little girls undergoing FGM – images that are used by organisations and campaigns that purportedly oppose the practice.

Likewise, there are many graphic images of survivors of acid attacks. There are many images of bruised and battered women on display. Images of bloodied women’s bodies.

All this is done under the guise of “showing” and “exposing” the truth. Their names are published, without concern for their consent or privacy. Their faces are shown with little to no regard for their security.

The purpose of such imagery is not to portray the extent of violent enacted on women, but rather to portray the extent of “their” violence against “their” women.

And so when I inevitably encounter these images, I’m left both appalled and angered at this dual dehumanisation of off-colour women: dehumanised to become recipients of violence, and dehumanised to become mere objects to exhibit.