by kawrage

Remember when you were a teen and you made that oh-so-radical decision to start referring to the Divine as Goddess because She (emphasis on the Sh) is not masculine after all?

Well, what assumptions are we making about god, gender and language when we refer to the divine with the pronoun She? As I was mulling that question, it struck me that I do not feel compelled to switch pronouns when speaking in Arabic.

It wasn’t because using the feminine pronoun sounded odd, blasphemous or out-of-place, but I simply did not feel it was necessary.

Does our perception of the divine change as we navigate between different languages? In what ways is our understanding and perception of the divine connected to the language we use? And when we learn a new language, do we acquire (import?) new understandings of the divine?

And as always, we must interrogate this histories of colonialism, missionaries and the spread of the English language.