‘Decolonising’ self-love

by kawrage

Don’t tell me to love myself. Don’t tell me I’m beautiful “too”. Don’t lecture me on self-acceptance.

Don’t erase my hate.

How do I decolonise my body and its image when I still don’t fit our conventional beauty standards? If notions on healthy and beautiful bodies were constructed on western standards, and perpetuated by the medical industrial complex, what does that make of notions on a healthy body image? Who defines what a healthy relationship with one’s body is? Who sets the parameters for a healthy body image?

Self-love can replicate the shame it attempts to erase. Self-love is based on liberal notions on the self, love and agency.

Before we decolonise body image, let’s decolonise self-love

Cross-posted from tumblr; it’s a question I hope to explore further here